Secure-Idle, Inc.
A Priority For All Emergency Response Vehicles

An Anti-Theft Device You Can Rely On!
  • Completely Hidden Anti-Theft System for all vehicles
  • Keeps your engine running without a key in the ignition
  • Excellent for emergency response vehicles and delivery vehicles
  • Superior, fail-safe STARTER OVERRIDE protection
  • Secure-Idle will NEVER leave you stranded
  • Made in the United States of America
  • Quick & easy installation
  • 1-year total replacement warranty
  • Engineer on-staff to assist in tailoring our product to your application!
One Secure-Idle device can prevent unwanted liability suits. Please review the headlines in the right column. Police cruisers are stolen on a daily basis and departments face liability suits that could cost them millions.

For A Detailed Marketing Brochure of the Secure-Idle Device Download: Secure-Idle Brochure.pdf

2013 Ford Police Interceptor Unit Available Now
LED Switch Available For All Units
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"I can point to many reasons why we use the Secure-Idle system including the quality of the device, the functions it provides, the ease of installation, the continued high degree of performance and last but not least, the manner in which Secure-Idle does business. You have always been there to back-up your product, Mr. Christensen, and provide support when needed. I thank you for your sincerity, your caring attitude, and your down-home Southern Illinois friendliness! Thank you for continuing to provide a product that does the job better than anything we have previously used."

-Dennis P. Tucker, Fleet Manager, Illinois State Police

"I am grateful for your assistance with regards to our Secure-Idle purchase. Through your diligence and expertise you were able to pinpoint a solution for our cruisers, and we are very thankful. We are pleased with the quality of your product and especially the excellent customer service we received. We look forward to doing more business with you in the future."

-Officer Marc Roccaforte, Supply Administrator, Northern Illinois University

Proven and Reliable

Incidents involving stolen cruisers have been making headlines since the assassination squad involved in the St. Valentine's Day Massacre drove to and from the grisly murder scene in a stolen police car. "Baby Face" Nelson once escaped capture during a bloody shootout by stealing a law enforcement agent's car.

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